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  • My experience with Dr. Kang was great! I started having issues with a 25-year-old crown that developed into incredible pain while I was in England on vacation. I was really in survival mode with extreme pain, lack of a trusted dentist in a foreign country, an upcoming 9-hour flight (with a relatively depressurized cabin), and no assurance that the unprecedented, profound pain would not increase! Enter Dr. Kang, who scheduled to see me right after I arrived at Sea-Tac and cleared customs. Within an hour, the worst pain I had ever had was taken away during an easy, efficient, informative, comforting procedure. I was really impressed with Dr. Kang’s knowledge, chairside manner, compassion, attention to detail, and ability to sense a patient’s needs in real-time. He is a real pro and a great asset to Seattle.

    I highly recommend Dr. Kang and his practice! The clinical experience was the best I have ever known and the service was also top-notch! 

    Please take it from me: a discerning patient and a health professional, Dr. Kang is truly excellent.

    – Keith Wong, DDS, MS

  • I’ll admit it, I enjoyed my root canal! My dentist discovered I needed the procedure and referred me to Dr. Kang. He and his staff were super friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout. They know their craft well and clearly care about doing a great job.

    – Ken M.

  • Besides the fact that Dr. Kang and his team are welcoming, caring, nice, kind, and fair, Dr.Kang is also extremely professional. I had to redo two very complicated root canals (which I previously did at a different clinic a few years back) and Dr.Kang did an extraordinary job! He is *the best* at what he does and I absolutely trust his professional judgment. The equipment and tools in the clinic seem updated and professional. These people know what they do, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    – Dana K.
  • Excellent service and friendly staff. Dr. Kang was very professional. I could tell he had a lot of experience doing root canals. I was referred to Dr. Kang by my dentist who started a root canal on me but couldn’t finish it because he didn’t know what he was doing. Dr. Kang saw me right away. I literally walked from my dentist’s office to Dr. Kang’s office with my face still numb. Endodontics Seattle gets 5 stars in my book!

    – Igor S.

  • Usually getting a root canal is super painful and horrible but Dr.Kang and his assistant took really good care of me . They continued to check in on me as I pretty much lay half asleep! It was actually very relaxing! No pain, they took me back on time as promised, they always have fun music playing, and they’re all super friendly! I had to go back a total of 3 times and each time was only about 45ish mins or less, which is such a relief no having my whole day off revolve around my root canal.
    – Molly D.

  • I don’t have enough nice things to say about Dr. Kang and his crew! I was sent over by Dr. Veigl as I needed a root canal, and I was frankly terrified until I felt totally safe and so numb in the expert Dr. Kang’s magic hands. For a root canal, the process was quite efficient in three appointments: the first one was taking x-rays. I was also prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to preventatively mitigate any infection – didn’t end up needing anything. Second appointment was actually cleaning up the canals and putting in a sedative in the tooth. This was such a painless process! The lovely assistant put a topical gel on my gum to numb it out, then I had a shot of anesthesia and then we were good to go. The whole procedure lasted about 50 min, with a few x-rays taken. Lastly, I was back a week later for a third appointment to remove the sedative and finish the root canal fully. Once again, not a thing felt. The tooth was tender for 48h after the procedure but it’s now back to completely normal. Absolutely fantastic experience.

    Jessica S.

  • Dr. Kang is no doubt one of the friendliest and most professional dentists I have had the pleasure to get treated from! I had a very pleasant experience, and that is not common because I absolutely dread going to the dentist. Most people would say they hate going to the dentist, but I am at a whole another level, trust me.

    The receptionist was very friendly as well. Everything was carried out very smoothly, both the procedure and the scheduling. The office is also very conveniently located in downtown Seattle. While I hope to god I won’t require another dental treatment, I will definitely choose going to Dr. Kang’s office again (if I had to). And sloths are amazing, props to whoever put them there.
    LeeAnn C.

  • Was a little nervous going in to have my first ever root canal done on a complicated tooth but, everyone at Endodontics Seattle were amazing! Dr. Kang explained everything to me and went through the entire process with me step by step. Loved seeing my scans and making a game plan together. He was very adamant about me feeling no pain and checked with me frequently to make sure I was comfortable. It was an absolute breeze, completely pain free. He is warm, friendly, and an excellent dentist. Thank you!!

    Sarah L.

  • Dr Kang is conservative with his treatment. He will never push anyone to do anything. Root canal was 100% painless. Staff are friendly. I felt well taken care of during the procedure. If i were to get another root canal done, i know where to go now. Would recommend this place to my friends and family. Office has slothes.

    – Christy W.

  • No one wants to get a root canal, but if I ever need another, I’ll go back to Dr Kang. He is precise and dedicated  to his patients. His skill as a practitioner is evident in the way he holds his tools, addresses the tooth and delicately works through a procedure. He is kind and respectful of his staff and they seem to enjoy him as well. The location is very very calming with views of the Seattle skyline from your chair. 
    He listened to me as a patient before, during and after procedures on all 3 of my visits, guaging my discomfort and ability to relax . Well done Dr Kang.

    – Phil P.

  • Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Kang and the staff at Endodontics Seattle. I was referred by my dentist for a root canal on one of my molars. I was nervous, as this was my first root canal, but Dr. Kang was amazing! I didn’t have to spend much time in the waiting room & the doctor arrived to begin treatment right away.  He explained the procedure and checked in with me often to make sure I was comfortable. The entire procedure was painless and relatively quick. On top of that, the front office staff worked with me to find a payment plan that would accommodate my limited income. I was blown away by their understanding and support. 

    I always anticipate and expect a certain level of professionalism when receiving health care, but this office far exceeded those expectations. Not only were they professional, punctual and kind, but they also treated me with so much compassion. I really felt cared for and heard. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone in need of a root canal or other specialized dental care. I *hope* I won’t be needing another one anytime soon, but if I do it will definitely be with Dr Kang.
    – Autum B.

  • I was referred by my regular dentist to see Dr. Kang after I had some severe swelling after a root canal. I was greeted promptly and very politely by the receptionist–who actually confirmed my name because I was new (I feel like people don’t do that anymore.). Then I was taken back to a room and was met by Dr. Kang in record time. He was very understanding regarding my situation. I couldn’t really speak or swallow well because there was so much pressure from the swelling. I’m a bit of a weakling when it comes to needles and shots so the tech let me hold her hand while I got anesthetized. Dr. Kang kept saying he was “so sorry” for having to do this. He was extremely sympathetic. When it came time to drain the swollen area, he was quick and efficient. When I said that it still hurt, he took the time to get me a little more numb before continuing. He also numbed me after the procedure to keep me out of pain for a little longer, which was such a relief because I hadn’t been pain-free for the last 10 days. This morning was the first time in a week in a half that I haven’t woken up with debilitating pain! I’m so, so grateful for the professional work I had done at this office.

    – Reux B.

  • My wife recently needed some surgical work done on her teeth and our dentist recommended Endodontics Seattle.  Although she had her reservations, her visit proved otherwise. Dr. Kang was very professional and provided great results.  Also worth noting, we had some issues with our insurance company but with the help of the capable staff, it was quickly resolved.  Thank you.

    Peter K.

  • Very professional. Highly recommend this place. Nice staff. Had 2 root canals done here, I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t have any complications. I made the appointments for the next day for both procedures so absolutely no crazy wait.

    – Benoit G.

  • I was referred to Dr. Kang for the pain associated with a tooth that had both a crown and a root canal done previously. This tooth has been bothering me for a few years and I’ve visited many other dentists for the pain without a clear resolution.

    Dr. Kang was very thorough in his examination of my tooth and was attentive to all the pain signals I was having. He did not rush into finishing up the root canal, rather he took careful observations to identify and eliminate the root causes of the pain and when he was confident that the issue has been resolved he completed the root canal. He focuses on long-term patient care and does not settle for quick patch-ups. 

    The root canal itself was virtually painless. This was my second root canal on the same tooth and he even found tiny strands of nerves that were not cleaned up previously. It’s been over a month since the treatment and all the pain I had for 3 years is gone. I rarely write reviews online but this alone was a good reason to create an account just to write a review for him.

    Dr. Kang’s staff are also super friendly and knowledgeable. The receptionists are kind and they give you a personal call the day before the appointment as a reminder. 

    I would highly recommend Dr. Kang and his staff to my family and friends.
    – Esther H.

  • Dr. Kang has performed two root canals on me and I think he is great. These are the kind of dentists you want to perform root canals because this is their specialty. He takes time to numb me and is respectful and caring about the fact that I can’t tolerate certain numbing medications. He works fast and gets your procedure done so you can get on with your life. They are flexible in their scheduling and can often start the procedure on the same day as your consultation. Dr Kang is easily reachable, with his cell phone # given to all patients. His front desk staff is super nice (I love Brittany) and they are up front and transparent about pricing. This office makes an unpleasant procedure as easy and painless as possible.
    – Emily D.